Preserving your
fondest memories

Creating everlasting memories of your parents or grandparents – preserved in their own voice for your children and future generations!

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How we work

Our expert curators help you preserve your fondest memories, and create the book that you have envisioned in a convenient, step-by-step process.

Weekly conversations tailored for you to tell your story.

 We then compile, curate, write, and review.

We design, and publish a beautiful book of memories for you.

Our Work

Why Memory Curators

We Help Preserve Your Heritage


We Make Feel Connected To Your Family 


We Create a Legacy of Your Precious Memories


Weekly Conversations Tailored to Tell Your Story


Our Curators Compile, Write and Review 


We Do Custom Illustrations


We Custom Design and Publish Your Book of Memories



We will have one or two conversations with you each week for 45 minutes. Your curator will help you tell your story and share memories from your life. We'll use questionnaires to help you remember your life stories and turn them into special memories. You can also invite family and friends to join in the conversations if you want to add more details to your story.

Curation means collecting all your life stories. The team at TMC will help you with curation from the very first time we set up the initial meeting. We will help you until your book is finished and ready to be printed and bound. When the interview sessions start, our curators will take notes and ask more questions, like asking for photos or things that can be added to drafts.

TMC will record your interview sessions and take notes. They will use this to create an outline for a book. You can look at sample chapters and then approve the idea. TMC's editors will make it into a story that is written in first-person. You get to review it and give feedback before the book is finished.

Yes, everything you share with TMC is kept private unless you say otherwise. You can also ask for access to the recordings from your interviews at any time.

Yes, you can. We will work with you to look for photos in your albums and on your phone. Tell us which stories the photos go with. Write a caption for each photo. We like it when you give us private photos, but our team can also make pictures to use in the book. You can pick from our cover designs and binding styles, or work with us to make something special!

Yes, absolutely. While we encourage our patrons to include private images we also love to have creative illustrations done as cover art (and more) with our in-house talent - with editorial discretion at an added cost.

Our designers will make the cover and inside of your book look nice. They will check it one last time for mistakes. You can give the okay before it is sent to print. When it is done, you will get a hardcover book delivered to an address you choose. You can pick how many copies you want.

The book is similar to a standard-sized book you might find in a bookstore, it is 6x8 inches. The font options are XX and XX, with two layout templates. The books can include photos that can be printed in black and white as well as color printing with a caption.

Short answer, yes. You can pick from the guided templates we have.

When it comes to publishing a book, the cover is just as important as the content inside. It's the first thing a potential reader sees - here are some options available with us:

1. Illustrated: A hand-drawn or digitally created illustration that captures the essence of your book's story or theme.

2. Photo-Based: A cover that includes a photograph that represents your book's theme or setting.